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I'm Mariapaula Ramírez

My name is Mariapaula Ramírez, I have a professional technical degree in Computer Networks. My aspiration is Graphic Design related to technology. The use of an infinite range of advantages that artificial intelligence provides is the reduction of the operating time of a task.

I consider myself a person who is fascinated by the magic of transforming a sketch into design and digital code. That is why in Descubre Robótica program I found that using Artificial Intelligence through Machine Learning and Computer Vision models I can obtain information from images or multidimensional data.

My passion for design and disruptive technologies has given me the opportunity to be part of the Greenmoonbot project, which aims to promote collaborative robotics through a self-guided mechatronic system, useful in Scientific Agriculture for research greenhouses, on-demand production, both terrestrial and space.

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