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I'm Tania Ramirez

My name is Tania Ramírez and I am 22 years old. I am an advanced student of Biotechnology Engineering at the TEC of Costa Rica. I am a person who is passionate about working for a more sustainable future and where we can ensure a decent quality of life for all living beings. I am an intersectional feminist woman who seeks to use her privileges to integrate more women into the world of science.

I am passionate about environmental issues. I am currently a member of the Youth and Climate Change Network of Costa Rica. In this network I am the coordinator of the Climate Education Commission. I am passionate about the search for different strategies to ensure cleaner production systems, adaptation to climate change, restoration, sustainable management and conservation of biodiversity. Likewise, the effect of the integration of environmental education in society.

I am passionate about marine biology. When I graduate in Biotechnology Engineering I will seek to opt for a Master's Degree in Conservation and Management of Marine Biodiversity. The ocean and all that it entails is a whole new and challenging world for me. I am currently working on a coral restoration project where I apply data science to study coral growth.

Currently, I have found a passion in computational biology, as it corresponds to a tool that allows us to use new technologies to design a sustainable future. Artificial intelligence is an opportunity to take environmental education to all corners of the world. Its implementation in the area of Natural Sciences entails the opening of unlimited opportunities.

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