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I'm Juliana Morales

My name is Juliana Morales, I am an Electronic Engineering student at the Tecnológico de Costa Rica. In addition, I have a technical academic degree in Computer Networks, acquired from the system of Professional Technical High Schools of the country.

I consider myself a committed, active person, focused on his goals and opportunities. As part of my constant learning, I have been participating in Descubre Robótica program since 2019, and I am part of the board that evaluates the opportunities for the other program participants. My extracurricular experience and volunteering with Club 4-S Alpha and AFS Costa Rica has allowed me to collaborate as Director of Communications Strategies at Descubre Robótica.

As part of my development in inclusion projects, I am part of the SmartGuides project, which is a complete ecosystem of technological tools for people with visual disabilities, developed with the use of the Internet of Things with assisted connectivity. Also, by virtue of my interest in aerospace, I am also part of the Wonder Mercury initiative.

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