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I'm Valentina Castillo

My names is Valentina Castillo. Since I was a child I have been fascinated by the world of STEM.That is why I have been a member of the Descubre Robótica program in Costa Rica since its creation in 2017. I am currently 14 years old.I have been in the competitive STEM arenas by being part of World Robot Olympiad teams, First LEGO League and participating in Science Fair Campaigns.

I am extremely enthusiastic about technology and its advances, both as biotechnology engineering, as well as the study of terrestrial or marine fauna.I have knowledge of cross-platform microcontroller programming and 3D design software.I like to play the piano, the violin, play chess, video games and also go karts.

I am a college student from the San Luis Gonzaga Educational and Cultural Institution, founded in 1842. I am part of the Girls in ICT: Costa Rica Women in STEM Network initiative, and of promoting the motto of "Women Mentoring Women", in order to motivate other girls like me.

I strive to inspire others:

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