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I'm Sofía Vega

My name is Sofía Vega, I am a Computer Engineering student at the TEC in Costa Rica. I consider myself a person full of ambitions and who recognizes that to achieve my goals continuous work and dedication is required.

I have been part of the Descubre Robótica program since 2019, where I was part of the Smart Guides team, a cutting-edge project for the use of Internet of Things technology in the different elements of the signaling system and pedestrian and vehicular traffic, as support for people with reduced or totally blind vision.

I am part of the AURUM team, a participant in the Hardwarethon 2022 challenge, where we developed a proposal for a Technological System for the Early Detection of Coffee Diseases (SIDETEC). We are currently in the development stage of an incubation program for this project.

The experience of being part of challenges, where one can prove their own potential, and sharpen the mindset of excellence at work is my constant aspiration.

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