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I'm Natalia Lobo

My name is Natalia Lobo, I am 20 years old, I am a Pedagogy student at UNA, a chess player for 10 years, a coach, referee, promoter and currently the creator of chess educational materials. I consider myself a persistent, creative, positive person who loves to be constantly learning.

I like to investigate things on my own, I am interested in topics such as teaching for stimulation, chess for good moves in life, cognitive and pedagogical education, leadership, history, poetry, communication and also technology . Thus I hope to give by grace what by grace I have received during my life.

I dedicate my time to study, give chess classes, serve in the church, play and comment on chess tournaments, I am currently a Senior National Chess Team. I am a very grateful person and I appreciate the opportunity to be inside Descubre Robótica.

I have many projects and personal aspirations, I am interested in creating technological tools through chess pedagogical education, original tools to leave a mark through creative teaching, where different people can be helped to enhance skills for daily life in a way fun. how is chess I usually face challenges with great courage, I like to innovate, shine and see other people shine.

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