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I'm Mileidy Reynosa

My name is Mileidy Reynosa, and I am a student at the Rosario de Naranjo Professional Technical College, in my tenth year specializing in Cybersecurity.

I consider myself an enthusiastic person in the participation of activities, contests, projects and related topics, which is why much of my stay as a student I have participated in the Student Festival of the Arts, in categories such as choral poetry, artistic drawing and reaching stand out in the categories of Flute Esemble and Band of recycled objects with which I reached the final of the contest in San José.

I learn quickly, and I seek to get ahead and learn more things, to then excel at it. On the other hand, I have been one of the most outstanding in better averages.

I am fascinated by a variety of topics, starting mainly with psychology, knowing how the human mind works. I am also a big fan of astronomy and history, I love poetry, philosophy and currently also technology.

Since I entered the specialty, I loved it and the Pen Testing work area caught my attention, which is why I have dedicated myself to learning more on my own since I want to stand out in that area.

I spend my time studying languages. For my part, I want to improve my level of Portuguese and improve my English. I also spend my time researching people who were recognized in life and the stories behind their successes. At the entertainment level I am strongly passionate about criminology and the paranormal.

I am a person who knows how to appreciate music, who knows how to appreciate the good times, the people and the opportunities in life, so I appreciate being a part of Descubre Robótica, and I will wholeheartedly put everything that is available to me. scope of my person to be able to get ahead, move forward and each time learn a little more in this great process.

For me, being a part of the Descubre Robótica program is an amazing event.

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