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I'm Melanie Espinoza

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

My name is Melanie Espinoza Hernández, I'm a Electronic Engineering student at TEC Costa Rica and I have a professional technical degree in Software Development.

I am currently part of the Descubre Robótica program since 2019. I am the Director of Technology Strategies and I am developing several personal projects based on my STEM learning. The main project is called Internet of Bees, whose work includes the modernization of beekeeping with the use of various elements of Industry 4.0, such as Artificial Intelligence applied to monitoring intensive systems.

During my educational training, I have been a part of the Yo Maker 4.0 WISE and StartAI initiative, therefore, now I am actively involved in the leadership of different objectives of the program. I have discovered that I can share my skills with others, with enthusiasm and with the desire that other young people, especially girls (women mentoring women), join the great challenge of visualizing themselves.

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