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I'm Isabella Cubillo

My name is Isabella Cubillo, and I am currently in High School at the Puriscal Professional Technical School. I'm studying Computer Science in Software Development. I'm a girl interested in developing myself in the area of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

I have been part of the Descubre Robótica program since the 2021-22 season.This year, a system was developed for the monitoring of terrestrial ecosystems and climate action in the industry and commerce sector with the use of Geospatial Data AI, Data Science and Open Intelligent Visualization (OpenCV): #GirlsLeadClimateAction

My participation in competitive STEM events allows me to explore and grow my learning in areas such as aerospace. In this way, I have participated in the RobotiFest: Aerospace Challenge, obtaining an honorable mention.

I am part of Girls in ICT: Costa Rica Women in STEM Networks, and I currently want to promote the legacy skills approach of our mentoring work to other girls: #ShareTheExperience, #ShareTheLegacy, #ShareTheEmpowerment, and #PassTheFlameOfKnowledge.

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