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I'm Guisilvia Martinez

My name is Guisilvia (Guí) Martínez, and I am 19 years old. I study English as a second teaching language. I have a technical degree in Configuration and Support of Communication Networks and Operating Systems, graduated from the Calle Blancos Professional Technical College.

I am a creative person, who likes to learn continuously. It makes me very happy to collaborate and discover the world contributing the best of me. Sign language has marked my desire to learn more about communication methods (learn other languages) and at the same time teach through technology.

I have been part of the Decubre Robótica program since 2020, and with that I have furthered my interest in Human Communication as its definition, phenomena, elements, factors and functions, together with technology. Do you want to know a little more about my Smart LESCO initiative?:

Sign language is not a universal language: The World Federation of Deaf People points out that there are more than 300 sign languages in the world, a complementary figure to the almost seven thousand existing oral languages, among them, for example, English or Spanish. LESCO is the sign language of Costa Rica, and with which we would be developing a project that will offer an alternative beyond a body movement translation solution.

Sign language is not only for deaf people: There are several sign language user communities that do not necessarily have some type of disability. An important case is that of hearing children of deaf parents (or vice versa), for whom the mother tongue will be sign language and not simply Spanish or their local oral language. So also sign language interpreters and students of the same.

Learning methods: Sign language, like other languages, has its own particular system and structures. For example, spelling properly is a very basic and useful language skill when communicating in sign language.

I am part of the second Build-A-thon group to support communication issues (writing, writing and speaking) in the English language.

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