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I'm Ericka Perez

My name is Ericka Perez, and I am 23 years old. I have a Bachelor's degree in Computer Systems Engineering, and and I work at HP in Print Services.

My goals are to become a Computer and Information Systems Manager, finish my post-degree, get more involved in technology projects to improve today's world in situations about the environment, inclusion and disabilities.

In my free time I study and learn new things about technology. I really like it and it motivates me to mentor and teach and involve more women in technology to develop a network of women in this area.

I have been part of the Descubre Robótica program since 2022, and I am part of the Mentoring and Leadership team. I am Team Leader of the first Build-A-thon group of autonomous networks in AI/ML of the International Telecommunications Union of Costa Rica (ITU)

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