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I'm Aylin Alfaro

My name is Aylin Alfaro, I am a student at the Rosario de Naranjo Professional Technical College. I am currently in my tenth year specializing in: Cybersecurity. Technology is something that has caught my attention and especially how it has progressed over the years. Everything that has to do with robots, technology or artificial intelligence is something that I am very passionate about, that's why I chose my specialty.

Something I really like is learning new things and developing them in the best way. I consider myself a creative and positive person, who always seeks to see the positive in things and, above all, find a solution. I like to work in a team and listen to the opinion of others. I am completely committed and willing to learn more about AI and above all learn to create machines/instruments/technological objects that help other people in their day to day.

Some of my hobbies are: Listening to music (mainly in English language), I like to draw, read a lot, and I also like to sing and spend time with my family and friends.

Currently being part of the Descubre Robótica program where I hope to be able to learn and contribute to society through a technological project. My aspiration now is to be able to fulfill my goals and objectives mainly from the hand of God. For this reason, put all my effort and commitment to be able to fulfill them, also to improve more as a person day by day and to be able to demonstrate my value and capacity as a woman before society.

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