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I'm Hilary Molina

My name is Hilary Molina and I am 17 years old. I am a student at the Rosario de Naranjo Professional Technical College. I'm currently studying the specialty of Business Informatics. Computer science has interested me since I entered school and now I am passionate about learning more about robotics and emerging technologies. I love programming in 2D and 3D.

I consider myself a person who likes to learn about new cultures and languages. Currently I am also preparing myself with conversational English courses. As hobbies, I really like video game consoles, as well as reading and riding ripstik.

For my part, I am willing to experiment and learn about new topics and create new things by being a member of the Descubre Robótica program. Therefore, I want to have the opportunity to learn more about the different topics related to industry 4.0 and artificial intelligence.

As a goal I want to be able to use the knowledge learned so that in the future I can develop projects that help people and society in general. This is a great opportunity to get ahead and encourage many more girls to participate in STEM disciplines. It's being able to show that if you really set your mind to it and fight for what you want, you can achieve that and more.

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