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I'm Amanda Calderón

My name is Amanda Calderón, I am a Mechatronics Engineering student at TEC Costa Rica. In addition, I am a graduate of the System of Scientific Colleges of the country.

I personally promote and participate in the multidisciplinary themes of space exploration. Likewise, I have persistently followed up on my training in the Descubre Robótica program since 2021, which allows me to have access to different workshops and scenarios of NASA STEM and ESA STEM. My context of learning and work has the alias Wonder Mercury.

My inclusion in the program goes back to the HidroVoltaje initiative, a project that evaluates alternatives for the use of green hydrogen ecosystems, their production and their respective metrics. For me, the energy sector is a key and vital piece in the economy, which is an essential supplier to the rest of the economic sectors.

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