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I'm Adriana Mora

My name is Adriana Mora, and I am 17 years old. I am a student of the Professional Technical College: CIT. I am part of the Software Development specialty. Since I was little I have had a lot of interaction with technology, from robotics workshops to being part of the NGO MenTe en Acción. I really like interface design, user experience and programming.

I consider myself a hard-working and positive person, since I like to investigate and get to the root of things, to find out their origin and reason for being. I really appreciate and value my alone time, that's why I practice my hobbies like reading, programming, listening to music and dancing.

I have been a part of the Descubre Robótica program since 2022. During my time here, it has been extremely profitable and exciting. My project called Dákur, seeks the welfare and protection of flying mammals: Bats. Their goal is to create sanctuaries so that species that nest in cities have specialized homes to also be used for research. Use artificial vision techniques to collect data and check the behavior of the different species throughout the year. International conservatives in the United States and Mexico liked this initiative.

That's why I love to continue being part of the revolutionary and unique projects of this program. In addition, the opportunities that they offer us are unimaginable, since they are national and international. Also, as a woman, my duty is to encourage more women to join these kinds of tech fields and never feel alone.

My main objectives are to develop NGOs for social good and projects that help today's society in any of its fields. That's why I work hard every day and try to be and do my best no matter what I'm working on. Therefore, further develop my sense of resilience and thus achieve everything I set my mind to.

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